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What should I wear for showing my Horse in a coloured class?

Correct Showing Attire

By Laura Warburton of This Cob Can

This Cob Can

GENERALLY brown tack (havana) is considered “correct”, HOWEVER there are many, many people showing and county level and qualifying for HOYS, RHIS etc in black tack

There are a variation of different tack types used according to different breed, and the class you are entering.  I will focus on the Traditional Cob Adult Rider Class for this blog…

  1. Straight cut saddle- to show off those powerful shoulders!


saddle for showing

2. Girth – to match saddle. NO white cotton girths! We have moved on along way in the showing world now!

3.  A well fitted Double Bridle is also classed as “correct”. HOWEVER, there are many people showing at county level and qualifying for HOYS, RIHS etc in snaffle bridles.

4. Plain browband and noseband. No coloured fancy ribbons or a plaited browband. Make sure you chose a noseband thick enough to show off their head well. The last thing you want is a noseband too thin! If in doubt what size to buy LMe Bridlework will be happy to help.

5.  Straight cut Brown (or Black depending on the tack colour) numnah. Large, square saddle pads or brightly coloured numnahs are not appropriate. Again, using a Brown numnah with Black tack will stick out like a sore thumb!

6.  Reins – one plaited and one plain. Make sure these are on the correct way! Plaited rein should be on your bradoon and the plain rein on your curb bit.



Rider attire:

  1. Tweed jackets are considered the “correct” and most commonly used showing jacket for this class. You should pick your tweed and check to suit your horse.

  2. Cream / Beige (NOT Canary yellow!) well fitting breeches. Canary yellow is for Children on Show ponies!

  3. Plain, straight topped Brown or Black leather boots with a garter strap are “considered correct”. HOWEVER, many ride at county level in the more traditional Dressage top boot. Again, match your boots to your tack so you don’t look mis-matched.

  4. Show shirt, this does not particularly matter in terms of what colour to chose, providing it has a correct collar to wear a tie.

    shirt for showing

  5. The tie should match your tweeds check, this presents an over all more neat and striking picture. e.g.. If your tweed has a slight blue running through the check, go for a blue tie. This compliments the tweed jacket.

  6. Hair – neat tied back in a bun and a hair net.

  7. Gloves Brown, yes even if riding in black tack! Did you know that Black gloves signify that you are in mourning and it is disrespectful to ride when in mourning!

  8. Show cane – again chose this to match your tack.

  9. Spurs -Riders over 18 on horses can wear Spurs. No Spurs on ponies under 148cm trads or 153cm plaited.

  10. Hats – Traditionally the velvet riding hats are worn. “Only formal UK legislation covering riding hats states that all riders aged 14 and under must wear a hat conforming to at least EN1384 (the European standard) when riding on the public highway. This is also the basic minimum standard for most forms of riding.” Please make sure your hat is to the correct standard. You can find more information on this here:

  11. ENJOY!!

This cob can
This cob can

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