Monocrown Comfort Cavesson


Monocrown Cavesson Bridle

Stunningly beautiful and functional monocrown comfort cavesson bridle with ergonomic shaped headpiece and a non crank/flash cavesson noseband.  Classic styling with the choice of browband.

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Monocrown Cavesson Bridle

This stunningly beautiful and functional monocrown comfort cavesson bridle has a lovely shaped headpiece.  Classically styled with a wide choice of browband.  Please contact us if you cannot see what you would like.

  • Luxury vegetable tanned bridle butt leather
  • Padded with cushioning neoprene and covered in soft leather on the comfort headpiece, browband and noseband for the ultimate in comfort
  • Comfort, shaped ergonomic headpiece with cutaway around the ears and lovely soft padding
  • Padded, shaped 4cm wide cavesson noseband with a soft padded chin guard over the buckle
  • Simple, ergonomic headpiece with no overhead straps- perfect for those extra sensitive horses or those who prefer a more symmetrical look (monocrown)
  • Webbing tapes stitched under the buckles for extra safety
  • Stainless steel fittings

Fitting a cavesson bridle

Please fit the noseband two fingers below the bottom of the horses cheekbone.  Although our chin guard is padded, we recommend fitting with at least two fingers width between the noseband and the horses face.

The browband should sit comfortably away from the horses face- it should not pull the bridle forwards into the back of the ears.

If you would like further advise then please contact us.

Postage options available at checkout and full 31 day returns policy applies.  Please contact us if you would like to mix and match sizes or need any fitting advice.

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Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full


Black, Brown


Aqua, Faerie, Atlantic Blue/clear, Plain


No Reins, Inside grip reins RRP £35


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