Monocrown Bridle

Comfort Monocrown Bridle

Our luxury monocrown bridle comes with a padded and shaped headpiece.  In addition, there are different options on noseband styles, including white lining and patent finishes.  We offer two noseband styles- the cavesson noseband and the drop noseband.  All our cavesson bridles have a lovely soft, shaped chin guard over the buckle- we do not have crank fastenings. All our drop noseband bridles are softly padded over the front of the nose.  The measurement across the front of the drop noseband, between the rings is as follows
Pony 9″
Cob 10″
Full 11″
Extra full 12″

Finally all bridles come with a choice of stylish browband.    All carefully designed with equine comfort in mind.

Please contact us for further size information and if you would like to mix and match any parts prior to purchase.

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