Why competing in online competitions works

Ruth from Dressage Anywhere, the worldwide online dressage competition website, talks us through the top five reasons you should give online dressage a go.

1. Compete without leaving home

Online dressage can be a great tool for riders who are unable to transport their horses, but it is also great for just about anybody! We’ve recently found it useful for riders in remote parts of the UK and even overseas, where it isn’t as easy to travel to competitions or cost effective for a judge to travel. It can be a great way to add some variety to your schooling sessions, spending some time practising the movements of a test and then riding and filming it when you’re ready or even incorporating it into your lessons with a trainer. For riding schools and freelance trainers, competing online can help to give an additional focus to lessons, working on different elements of a test and building up to riding a test, giving clients something to aim for. There’s no pressure to ride your test on a specific day, so if your work or family schedule doesn’t normally allow you the time to compete, competing online may be a great solution.

2. Get some feedback on how you’re doing

It can be all too easy to focus on the same exercises at home and even get stuck in a rut. Or perhaps you’ve got a young horse who isn’t quite ready to go out to a live event, but you’d like an assessment of how they’re doing. Sometimes an extra pair of eyes can really help you progress, giving you a fresh focus and a boost. At Dressage Anywhere we work with FEI and BD List 1 and 2 judges, who are experienced at judging riders from Introductory (walk and trot) right up to PSG and their feedback on your performance can really help you to understand what you need to focus on.

3. Practice a test ahead of a live competition

Online dressage can be a great tool for preparing for a live event. Not only will you receive invaluable feedback from a dressage judge but watching your video whilst reading through the judge’s comments on the scoresheet can really help you to evaluate your performance and focus on the areas you need to improve. It’ll also give you a good feel for what the dressage judge is looking for and you can use that to your advantage.

4. Build your confidence

How many of us become nervous and tense in the dressage arena? We might believe we’re not good enough or fear being judged by other competitors and spectators. Getting used to test riding is part of the solution and we have many riders who compete with us to gain confidence, receive some excellent feedback and then have the confidence to go on to compete at live affiliated competitions.

5. Compete as a team and have some fun!

Riding can be so much more fun when you’re with friends, so why not compete online as a team? It’s great to have some moral support from fellow riders and at Dressage Anywhere we have teams from all over the UK and the world competing online.

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